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Vila Verde is a modern apartment residence, organically set in the existing villa area in a prestigious Prague neighborough. The architectural design of two penetrating blocks was chosen due to the surrounding buildings comprising houses built in a modern and functionalist style.

The outcome is an aerating structure with a positive impression that meets the highest requirements for a comfortable life.

There are seven apartments available with fourteen underground parking lots. Nevertheless, every storey is architecturally designed in a way that allows more apartments to be interconnected up to the alternative of creating a loft apartment across the entire storey.

The building is equipped with the latest intercommunicating technologies via the IQ HOUSE system. Everything has been designed with emphasis on the highest possible efficiency and lowest possible costs of the house operation. For instance, the ventilation of each apartment is effected by forced recuperation that ensures a constant flow of fresh air without the need of opening windows, which ranks this villa among the highest category energy-saving houses.

The available modern data and telephone distribution lines, which enable running a fast internet connection via ADSL, are an obvious advantage. The building also has a centrally ground TV signal distribution system, satellite TV and UPC cable TV.

The security of future owners is ensured with a camera system with possible connection to the central security desk. There is an intercom with video-telephone installed by the building entrance that improves visitor identification. The video-telephone can interconnect the individual apartments upon request.

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The project designer is the de.fakto studio comprising a team of architects, designers and project authors led by the architect Martin Sladký. This studio has completed dozens of private and commercial interiors since 2001. It is engaged in the whole range of the architectural services related to buildings in all performance stages, from design, project documentation and author supervision to cooperation with the client after the work is completed. The studio work features a creative approach, original solutions and close cooperation on the project with the client.

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Intelligent Apartment Controlling System IQhouse®

The IQhouse® system in the apartment wiring focuses on controlling all areas of the services. Upon the client’s request, it includes everything, from building security and electronically operated light control along with other house appliances to software control of heating elements and energy consumption regulation and measurement.

The wiring has been designed with emphasis on utilization of modern methods and high user comfort for controlling the apartment services as a whole. The applied technologies enable all users to reliably control the building condition via mobile phone or the Internet.

The system offers the building administrator to easily read consumptions without having to bother the individual users. The construction readiness of wiring along with the open architecture of the IQhouse® system enables further supplementation and easy furnishing upon the client’s request.

The IQhouse® system thoroughly focuses on processing the basic model of controlling all common and needed technologies installed in the apartment or outside the building for the comfortable life of the clients.

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